Friday , June 14 2024

This hockey player is bringing glory to the country, parents got notice to throw him out of the house

Hockey player Jyoti Chhetri : On one hand, while the Indian team is performing well in the FIH Pro League matches, on the other hand, the parents of the players of the Indian team have been given a notice of eviction. The Indian team, which performed well in hockey matches, first defeated Australia, then the team also won against America, in which forward Jyoti Chhetri also showed an excellent game, apart from this, the excellent performance of Team India was also discussed a lot.

Hockey team player gets notice to vacate house

20 year old Jyoti surprised everyone by playing an excellent game in the match against America on 18th February. The place where this match was being played is Rourkela Stadium and Jyoti Chhetri's house is located at a distance of two kilometers from it. However, now there are reports of bulldozers moving on this house any time again.

Jyoti Chhetri's house on government land

According to media reports, local authorities have issued a notice to Jyoti's family to vacate the house. Apart from Jyoti, her parents and brother live in this house. But this house, built about 20 years ago on government land, may be demolished due to road widening.