Sunday , May 19 2024

Thieves climbed the wall from the gun house and took away 8 pistols, three pistols, cartridges and cash worth Rs 6 lakh

Amritsar : Unidentified youths stormed the gun house located on Court Road in the area under Civil Lines police station and committed theft and fled away. The accused stole eight 12 bore pistols, three pump guns, cash worth Rs 6 lakh and 18 cartridges from the shop and fled. The accused had entered through the roof of the adjacent Modern Electric Company shop. After this they entered the shop and made a hole in the wall of the gun house with a drill machine. When the police checked the nearby CCTVs to identify the accused, two youths were seen entering the shop. Only one young man had entered the gun house and he carried out the incident alone. Police have registered a case against an unknown youth.

As soon as information about the incident was received, ADCP Pragyan Jain, ADCP Navjot Singh Sandhu, ACP Varinder Khosa, police station civil line in-charge Jasveer Singh, CIA staff in-charge Amolakdeep Singh and CIA 2 in-charge Rajesh Sharma reached the spot and took stock of the incident. Police are trying to identify the accused.

Gun house owner Suresh Arora, resident of Sahaj Enclave, Majitha Road, said that he had closed the gun house on Tuesday evening and left. When he opened the gun house on Wednesday morning, he came to know about the theft. He told that CCTV cameras are installed in the gun house in which the theft incident has been captured. Of the two accused, one remained outside the shop and the other inside the shop. At around 2 o'clock a young man entered the shop and committed the incident.

ADCP Pragya Jain also reached the spot and investigated. He has instructed the police teams to check all the nearby CCTVs from 10 pm to 3 am on Tuesday. Police are also checking the surrounding CCTV footage.

A similar disaster took place on 30th July.

According to Suresh Kumar Arora, a similar theft took place in his shop on July 30, 2023. The accused entered the adjacent shop in the same manner and entered inside by making a big hole in the wall of the shop. Meanwhile, the accused could not take weapons from the shop but took some cash. The police had registered a case against an unknown person. The case remained untraced since then. Even after seven months the police have not been able to arrest the accused.