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These things should not be offered to Tulsi | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Tulsi is considered very important in Hindu families and this plant is worshipped in homes. It is believed in Hindu scriptures that Tulsi is a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, Tulsi plant can be seen in the courtyard of every house. It is believed that if you plant Tulsi in the right direction according to Vastu, then poverty will never reside in your house. Apart from this, Tulsi plant is also worshipped.

There are some rules for worshipping Tulsi. It is very important to know what to offer to the Tulsi plant and what not to offer because if you offer something to the Tulsi plant that gives you inauspicious results, then it can cause you a lot of harm. We talked to Pandit Vinod Soni ji on this subject. Pandit ji says, “It is often seen that we offer things to the Tulsi plant that are harmful to the plant or other Hindu deities. It is not necessary that these are the things that you are offering to any deity, you should also do the same.” Therefore, offering anything to Tulsi can give inauspicious results.
Pandit ji has told us about the inauspicious things, if you offer Tulsi plant then it can give inauspicious result.

wild flowers
You should never plant marigold, marigold or lily on Tulsi plants. All these things are dear to Mahadev Shiva and if you place them on the Tulsi plant, then it can damage the roots of the plant. Also, Goddess Lakshmi can also get angry with this. Goddess Lakshmi is considered the goddess of splendor and prosperity. In such a situation, you should not feed her any wild flowers. By doing this, you will not get any good fruit, rather the Tulsi plant planted in your house will get spoiled.

milk water
Many people offer milk mixed with water to Lord Shiva and other deities. You should not do this with Tulsi plants as the milk will harm the roots of the plant. Therefore, you should only offer water to the Tulsi plant. The water you offer to Tulsi should be absolutely clean. You should not mix it with water as it will harm the plant.

Sesame oil
Both sesame and oil are offered to Shanidev and if you are offering oil or sesame to Tulsi, then let us tell you that oil is very harmful for the roots of the Tulsi plant. This causes the roots to rot and the plant withers. Therefore, you should not apply any kind of oil on Tulsi. Many people also put flowers, leaves and sesame manure in the Tulsi plant and think that this will benefit the Tulsi plant as fertilizer, but only cow dung manure should be put in the Tulsi plant.

sugarcane juice
Sugarcane juice is also offered to Lord Shiva. Tulsi should never be given fruit juice or sweets. This causes insects to enter the plants and harm them.

You can offer saffron, vermilion etc. to Tulsi, but you should never offer kajal. It is considered inauspicious. Tulsi should never be painted black. This can anger Goddess Lakshmi.