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These electricity consumers in Uttar Pradesh will now have sleepless nights, the department will not let them sleep even at night

Trends Of Discover, UP News: Do you know how serious the problem of electricity defaulters has become in Uttar Pradesh? This loss is harming the economy of any country. To deal with this challenge, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken a tough decision.

What will the electricity debtors play now?

UP Power Corporation has decided to change the toys of those people who have not been paying electricity bills for a long time. To overcome this problem, UP Power Corporation has come up with a master plan, under which letter notices and night calls will be sent to those paying electricity dues.

New plans against criminals

Under this new scheme, efforts are being made to give sleepless nights to the electricity debtors. This will be against those people who are comfortably using electricity without paying the electricity bill, who have not paid their electricity bill for a long time. This is causing a loss of crores of rupees, which this campaign will address.

Government’s strict stance

Uttar Pradesh government has decided to take strict action against electricity defaulters. A recovery campaign will be launched to make up for the revenue loss due to non-payment of electricity bills.

New scheme against electricity debtors

Power Corporation has decided that consumers who will be sent letters for depositing electricity bills will be allowed to pay their dues on time. Also, big debtors will be called at night to give them a chance to take the matter in the right direction.

Government departments were not excluded

UP Power Corporation will now tighten the noose on domestic and commercial consumers as well as government defaulters. Pressure will also be put on government departments to solve this problem. Under this, instructions have been given to send letters to PWD, Irrigation Department, Water Institute, Road Lighting, Drainage, Basic Education Department for depositing regular dues.

New Steps to Recovery

This year, Rs 758 crore will be recovered from the Irrigation Department, Rs 1,225 crore from the Street Lighting Department and Rs 3,449 crore from the Decentralized Corporations. All this will happen under the new scheme and government departments will also have to take strict steps to recover their dues.

compensation for damages

The new step of recovery from electricity defaulters as well as government departments will improve the financial condition of UP Power Corporation. Apart from this, giving responsibility to the electricity dues payers to deposit the electricity bills on time will also give them information about their dues and give them an opportunity to take action in the right direction.

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