These easy remedies of clove can remove all the problems from your life

Hindu Religion (Hindu Religion) Cloves are used during worship. cloves in yajnas, rituals etc. (clove) It is also offered to God. On the days of Navratri, people offer a pair of cloves to Matarani and in Ganapati Puja, cloves are offered to Lord Ganesha along with betel leaves and betel leaves. But do you know that cloves can cause negativity in your home? (Negativity) also has the ability to eliminate Many times you do some work with full dedication, but still you are not able to get its result, it can also be due to negativity or Vastu defects in your house. In such a situation, by taking some clove remedies, the negativity of your house can be removed, after that you start getting the fruits of your hard work and your bad works also start being made. Know here easy remedies related to cloves.

Five remedies of cloves can remove problems

1. If your work gets spoiled again and again, according to your hard work, then you should keep a pair of cloves in a lamp in front of Hanuman ji on Tuesday and Saturday and light that lamp by pouring mustard oil. After this, recite Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Sankatmochan to overcome the crisis. By doing this for a few days continuously, your problem will go away and good luck will increase.

2. If you are going from home for some special work, you are going to give an interview, then keep a pair of cloves in your mouth while leaving the house. After reaching that place, remove the clove pieces from the mouth, after that praying for success in the mind and go for that work or interview. If you have done the preparation honestly, then you definitely get the fruits of your hard work.

3. If there is a disease spread in the house, or a member of the house is getting sick again and again, then it can also be the effect of negativity in the house. In such a situation, burn 7-8 cloves by placing them on a pan and keep them in any corner of the house. This will remove the negativity of the house in a few days.

4. If there is a financial crisis in your house and you are not able to overcome it even if you want, then turn seven black pepper and seven cloves around your head and throw it at a place from where no one can come. When throwing it, don’t look back and walk away.

5. If you have lent money to someone and you are not able to get your money, then on the night of full moon or new moon, burn camphor and 21 cloves in front of Goddess Lakshmi and pray to her to remove the problem.