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These 5 green leaves will increase platelets in 1 night, defeat the disease in this way, even doctors will be surprised

Dengue Home Remedies: Dengue mosquitoes infect very quickly. Dengue cases across the country have given experts sleepless nights. It is a bone-breaking fever in which the body becomes completely lifeless. In case of dengue, platelets start decreasing suddenly. Due to which bleeding increases. In dengue, platelets can be increased by consuming 5 green leaves. Their effect is visible overnight.

Platelet deficiency symptoms

Low platelets are common in dengue, leading to prolonged bleeding from cuts or wounds, nose bleeding, bleeding gums, blood in urine or stool, fatigue, heavy menstruation, cough and bleeding.

papaya leaves


Science also directly considers papaya leaves as an effective treatment for dengue. You can make a decoction of its leaves and drink it twice a day. It is known to rapidly increase platelets and reduce fever. This is a very miraculous Ayurvedic remedy.

guava leaves

Dengue is caused by a virus, which guava leaves can kill. These green leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Boil some guava leaves in water and let it boil until it reduces to half. You can take it out, add honey to it and drink it two to three times a day.


Neem leaves are considered very beneficial in curing infections. It has immunity enhancing properties. Its consumption can help in reducing the effects of dengue and increasing platelets. To make this medicine, boil neem leaves in water.



Many researches have been done to know the properties of Kalmegh leaf extract. Antiviral properties have been found in it which can help in recovering from dengue. These leaves also boost immunity to fight other viral infections. You can also make its decoction and drink it.

Bay leaf

To enhance the taste of food, bay leaves are added to it. If you boil it in water and drink it, it can help in increasing platelets and treating dengue. On medical advice, you can consume it two to three times a day. But keep in mind that under no circumstances should you ignore the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

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