Friday , June 14 2024

These 3 countries also became miserable like Pakistan and got buried under huge debt of IMF.

IMF funding to other countries: Many such reports are coming that the condition of Pakistan has become bad. Which is facing financial crisis with a debt of 124 billion dollars. For financial assistance, the IMF is applying for loans from top funds including the World Bank. Not only Pakistan but many other countries are also facing economic crisis after the Covid pandemic. On whom the debt burden has increased.

These countries took huge loans

Pakistan has so far taken a loan of 7 billion dollars (58 thousand crore rupees) from IMF (International Monetary Fund). Whereas the other three countries Argentina, Egypt and Ukraine have also borrowed large amounts of money from the IMF. These three countries together have taken a loan of 32 billion dollars (Rs 2.66 lakh crore). Egypt has become the second largest debtor of IMF with a loan of 11 billion dollars (91 thousand crore rupees).

Tension in Ukraine also

The economic condition of Ukraine is worse than that of Pakistan. This country has taken a loan of 9 billion dollars (75 thousand crore rupees) from the IMF to improve its financial condition. These four countries are the top four debtors of the IMF. Inflation has reached its peak in all four countries. Therefore its economy and currency have become weak.

After the Covid epidemic, the economic condition of most countries has collapsed. To support this, the IMF has so far given huge loans to more than 100 countries.