There is no happiness in married life, there is tension between husband and wife, it indicates more than one marriage.

New Delhi: According to palmistry, the marks made on the marriage line affect the life of a person. Generally, moving forward of the marriage line tells about married life. Apart from this, it also tells about the pleasures of married life. What do the marks on the marriage line indicate? Know about this.

According to palmistry, if the black spot on the marriage line is inauspicious. This mark made on the marriage line in the palm of any person deprives him of the pleasures of life partner. If the marriage line goes to the second tip of the junior (youngest) finger, then the person remains unmarried.

If another line is found on the marriage line or if another line is found at the origin of the marriage line, then after marriage, the married life of a person gets ruined due to other relationship.

If two or more lines are formed in the palm along with the marriage line, then the person also has a relationship with other women. Apart from this, more than one marriage can also happen. If two marriage lines are seen in the palm. Also, if one of them is deep and clear, while the other goes up to the month and the mountain of Mercury, then the sum of two marriages is formed in a person’s life.

If the marriage line of the palm is broken, light or short, then the married life of a person cannot last for a long time. Even if it goes on, married life remains full of troubles. On the other hand, if there is a mark of an island on the marriage line, then the marriage is delayed without any reason. On the other hand, if the marriage line is red, then married life is happy.