cycling for a good cause: A person thinks of walking even 5-10 kilometers on a bicycle. In such a situation, a retired soldier of the country did something to give the message of saving water, which everyone is praising him after listening.

New Delhi: Although many people like to ride a bicycle, but if someone says that you have to travel 15 thousand kilometers by bicycle, you may find it easy too. But with this one more condition is that you should also have a water bottle on your head during the whole journey, don’t be surprised! Yes, what you are surprised to hear, that Rajasthan retired army has done. Azad Singh has decided to take this unique journey to give the message of saving water.

This feat done to save water

We all have always heard slogans like ‘Water is life’, ‘Water is tomorrow’. But the effect of these slogans was so deep on Azad Singh, a retired soldier of Rajasthan that he is going to travel across the state on a bicycle in the scorching heat with a speech on his head.

Demand to get sight of Yamuna

In such scorching heat, when many areas of the country are longing for water. In many areas the level of ground water has also gone very low. In such a situation, retired soldier Azad Singh is preparing to set out on a 15 thousand km long cycle tour of the state to stop the wasteful expenditure of ground water and to give the message of rain water conservation as well as to get the water of Yamuna canal to Jhunjhunu. These days Azad Singh is busy preparing for his journey.

What is Azad Singh called?

Azad Singh says that there is a water shortage in Shekhawati, especially in Jhunjhunu. The groundwater level here has gone down considerably. Now the Hades break machines have come, which draw water from a great depth. He is starting this yatra demanding to stop the wasteful expenditure of water and to provide water from Yamuna Canal. During this, he will keep a bottle on his head throughout his journey.

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Traveling 25-30 km daily

These days Azad travels 25-30 km every day. Azad Singh said in a conversation with ZEE NEWS that from today ie Monday, he started his journey from Baragaon. He had a bottle of water on his head and rode a bicycle to Bajwa, Sheethal and then to Hansalsar. In this way he completed the journey of about 25 km. Let us inform that Azad informs the villagers about the situation of water during this journey and also appeals to stop misuse and wastage.

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