Tuesday , June 18 2024

The shopkeeper refused to exchange or return the item! Call

It has often been seen that whenever we go to buy any item, we are not able to check it properly at the shop, when we come home and open the packet, we find that the item is spoiled. In such a situation, we go to the shop or shopping complex to return or exchange it. Although this is not always so easy, many shopkeepers flatly refuse to do this. For this, they also show you the no return-no exchange board at their shop. Even if such a board is installed at the shop, you still have the right to change the goods.

What does the rule say?

If a shopkeeper refuses to return or exchange a defective item, you can complain. According to the Consumer Protection Act, if an item is defective or damaged, it can be returned in the same condition within 15 days. The customer can also ask for their money back or ask for another product in exchange.

complain immediately

If this ever happens to you, you can tell these rules to the shopkeeper. Many shopkeepers are very stubborn and flatly refuse to follow any rules, in such a situation you can complain to them. You have to call the consumer helpline number 1800-11-4000 and give them all the information. You will also have to tell the address of the shop.

Shopkeeper may be fined

If the shopkeeper turns out to be smart, he will stop you there and replace your goods, otherwise he may be fined. It has been seen many times when the customer not only did not get the goods but also had to pay a fine to the shopkeeper in return. Remember that you should be aware of your rights when purchasing any item.