The rent of a house with a small bed is 90 thousand rupees, the bedroom is smaller than the kitchen

New Delhi: To live in London, there was such a flat in which the drawing room and kitchen were made luxurious, but when you go to sleep, it will feel like you are locked in the cupboard. For this flat you will have to pay only 90 thousand rupees per month.

topic of discussion among people for wrong reasons

According to Metro news, a spacious ground floor studio flat in Hendon, London is being rented through Zoopla. But this flat has become a topic of discussion among people due to wrong reasons.

Seeing the bed will spoil the mind

It’s really nice to see. There is a nice drawing room, a kitchen and even a bathtub to take a shower but when you go to sleep your mind will be spoiled. Your bed will look like a cupboard which is very strange for such an expensive rent.

Bedroom not cleared in ad

Real estate agent Jason Russell has not included the floorplan in the rent list so we cannot see which place you are getting to sleep after paying more than Rs 90 thousand per month.

Will be available on rent in a few days

This place is at walking distance from Hendon Central Tube Station which is going to be available for rent from 22 February 2020. Now it has to be seen that on such a small bed where there is no way to move around, how many people take this flat on rent for that bed.