The picture of BSP is clear regarding the candidates in the assembly elections in Aligarh, these six candidates will enter the election fray for the first time.

In Aligarh, the BSP has cleared the picture regarding the candidates in the assembly elections. The candidates for all the seven assembly constituencies have been declared. In these, six candidates, including Harduaganj Nagar Panchayat President Tilak Raj Singh, have entered the election fray for the first time. Razia Khan is the candidate from the city assembly constituency, who has previously contested for the mayor. He was defeated by BJP candidate in this election.

city ​​assembly constituency

SP has fielded former MLA Zafar Alam, Congress has fielded AMU alumnus Salman Imtiaz as its candidate. Now BSP has declared Razia Khan as its candidate. It has been in BSP for about fifteen years. She has been in charge post in BSP. Razia Khan, who started politics from BSP, contested for mayor in 1914. Then BJP candidate defeated him. The caste-based polarization of votes has been effective in the Aligarh assembly elections. Presently Sanjeev Raja of BJP is the MLA.

Kol Assembly Constituency

BSP has fielded Mohammad Bilal from Kel. He will try his luck for the first time in the elections. Real estate businessman Bilal has been in the BSP for the last four years. He did not hold any big post in the party, but he had good relations with senior leaders. SP has fielded Salman Sahid, Congress has fielded Vivek Bansal from this seat. Salman is contesting elections for the first time, while Vivek Bansal is the party’s Haryana in-charge and has contested elections several times. Once MLA and once MLC.

Khair Assembly Constituency

BSP has fielded Prempal Singh Jatav from Khair assembly constituency. Prempal has been in BSP for the last several years. RLD has fielded former MLA Bhagwati Prasad Suryavanshi from this seat. He became an MLA from Khair in 2012. Even then he was in RLD. In the 2017 assembly elections, RLD did not give him a ticket.

Barauli Assembly Constituency

The BSP has fielded Pandit Narendra Sharma from Thakur-dominated Barauli assembly constituency. It was already announced during a function. BSP’s national general secretary and MP Satish Chandra Mishra attended the ceremony. He himself had announced. Narendra Sharma has been in BSP for almost two years. He did not hold any big post in the party, but has been very active in party politics. Contractor by profession. No other party has declared candidates for this seat yet. Barauli seat will prove to be a fire test for BSP. BSP candidates have won this seat twice. Jaiveer Singh became MLA from BSP both times, he is now in BJP.

Atrauli Assembly Constituency

Elections are being held this time without former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh. Kalyan Singh passed away last year. He became MLA from this seat ten times. BSP never got success from here. This time BSP has made Dr. Omveer Singh its candidate. Omveer is the chairman of OTA. Recently joined BSP. He is a professor in a college in the city. No other party has declared a candidate for this seat yet.

Charra Assembly Constituency

BSP has fielded Tilak Raj Yadav from Thakur-dominated Charra assembly constituency. Tilak Raj Yadav is in BSP for a long time. Harduaganj Nagar Panchayat President. He is the director of the gas agency. Will contest assembly elections for the first time. No other party has declared a candidate for this seat yet.

Iglas Assembly Constituency

Former Prime Minister Ch. Charan Singh’s family has been dominating. From here, two RLD candidates have become MLAs several times. Once BSP got success from here. Mukul Upadhyay became MLA from BSP in the by-election of the assembly constituency held in 2005. Now Mukul is in BJP and is contesting from Kol. Sushil Kumar Jatav has been nominated from Iglas seat in BSP.