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The picture is still pending friend, women’s reservation bill or some other surprise.

There was a huge uproar from the very beginning when a special session of Parliament was called. There was a lot of speculation regarding the agenda of this session. In which everything from changing the name of the country to Uniform Civil Code, women’s reservation and one country one election were discussed. The opposition was demanding the government to reveal its agenda. When the government presented the agenda, it did not mention any of these. Before the House proceedings began, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described it as a session with historic decisions and then by evening the news of the Cabinet meeting came.

Cabinet approves introduction of Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament

The Cabinet approved the introduction of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament. The Cabinet’s approval of the Women’s Reservation Bill along with PM Modi’s statement is being described as a historic surprise. But now the discussion has also started whether the real surprise of the Modi government is yet to come or the Women’s Reservation Bill is the ‘historic surprise’ which PM Modi had discussed before the beginning of the session?

Congress is also claiming the women’s reservation bill as its own.


Congress is also claiming the Women’s Reservation Bill as its own. Congress has also jumped in to take credit for the Women’s Reservation Bill. There is discussion that in such a situation the government will do something different. Now dual membership formula is being discussed regarding women’s reservation. It is being said that along with men, women MPs are also being elected on 180 Lok Sabha seats. This formula will remain applicable till the number of seats increases in 2027. It is clear that the government will not only bring the Women’s Reservation Bill in the House, but will also increase the number of seats. With increased seats, a new system of reservation for women will be implemented. In fact, it will be necessary to constitute a Delimitation Commission to identify the seats reserved for women and also delimit the number of seats by 2026.

New demarcation is due in 2026

Keeping in mind the future needs, seating arrangements have also been made for 888 MPs of the Lok Sabha in the new building of Parliament. Keeping all this in mind, it is being said that the government can constitute a single Delimitation Commission and entrust it with the task of delimiting seats for women and increasing the number of seats. The new delimitation is scheduled to take place in 2026 but the 2021 census, whose data is required for the new delimitation, has not been conducted yet. Questions are also being raised that how will the new demarcation be done?

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