The mother of two children turned out to be a new bride, the farmer said – was married by paying 3 lakh rupees

BarmerKotwali police of Barmer district of western Rajasthan has arrested the robber bride and her female companion. Both are being questioned.

In the Kotwali police station, the victim farmer Ummedram has given a report that three touts and the woman got married with ₹ 3,00,000 and were now trying to run away but I have handed over to the Kotwali police.

According to the information, Sonu and Jaswant Singh got Kotu Bai married to Ummedram, a resident of Ramdevaria in Barmer, for 3 lakhs. Sonu and Jaswant Singh of Jalalabad had taken Rs 3 lakh in the marriage held on 27th of December through the same broker of Barmer, Junjharam. Now this bride was trying to escape and Geeta Rani had reached Barmer from Punjab to get her away. Their plans would have been successful. Earlier, Ummedaram’s family came to know about it and handed him over to the police.

What to say of Kotwal
Barmer city Kotwal Ugamraj Soni told that this woman had married Ummedaram on December 27 last with Rs 3 lakh and the victim has come to know that she is already married and is the mother of 2 children. Now when it was trying to escape, it has been taken into custody.

On this whole matter, Kotwali police station officer Ugamraj Soni told that a woman and her partner have been detained. Both of them are accused that lakhs of touts who were married in a fake manner had got married. Based on the report of the victim, a case has been registered and investigation has been started. The search for brokers is on. Both the women are being questioned. The married woman has admitted that she has been married before and is a resident of Punjab.