Friday , June 14 2024

The issue of 'Ram Mandir' and 'Manipur' raised in the British Parliament, former Prime Minister of Britain gave a big statement – News India Live

David Cameron on Manipur and Ram Mandir: British Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the House of Lords. Meanwhile, the violence erupting in Manipur, India and the issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya were also raised in the Parliament. While answering the questions asked in this regard, the former Prime Minister made some important comments.

What did David Cameron say?

David Cameron said that the violence in Manipur had a clear religious aspect. We have also raised the issue of religious freedom with the Government of India on several occasions. This is also being discussed continuously with the Government of India.

What was said about Manipur?

Asked about religious freedom, Cameron said he had studied David Campanile's report on Manipur. This report was prepared in 2023. In which it is written that there may have been a sexual or economic dispute between the people of Manipur and the hill tribes, but why was the church damaged amidst this violence? These events show that it had clear religious implications.

What was said about Ram temple?

During the debate in Britain's House of Lords, a question was also asked about Ram temple in Ayodhya, to which Cameron agreed. These questions and issues were raised by Lord Singh of Wimbledon. Singh said that even though the Constitution of India is said to be secular, riots took place in Ayodhya. Thousands of Muslims were killed. The then Home Minister had also called Muslims termites. Christians were tortured and Sikhs were told that it was okay if they behaved like Hindus otherwise they would also be called separatists. Amid the debate, Lord Singh called for prioritizing religious freedom, to which Cameron agreed. Cameron said all the points raised during the debate about the importance of religious tolerance and freedom were important. This issue is discussed with India from time to time.