The groom was late in his marriage, so the bride could not be patient to eat – watch viral video

Wedding season is going on in the country. Everywhere there is an echo of singing and dancing. In such a situation, there has been a flood of videos related to marriage on social media. While some of these videos are emotional, some show the cuteness of the bride and groom. In this episode a bride (Bride VideoThe video of ) is fiercely viral on Instagram (Viral Video) Happening. In which the bride is seen eating a lot of food. This video is very appealing to everyone. After watching this video, someone called the bride cute, then someone is saying – the same situation is going to happen in my marriage as well.

You all must know that there are many rituals and customs during marriage, which have to be followed. Now while following them, the procession gets late to reach the venue. Due to which the bride also has to wait. Now in such a situation, it is not strange at all for the bride to feel hungry. It can be seen in the viral video that due to hunger, the bride cannot stand it and she orders food from the food stall.

Viral video of bride-

In the video, the bride can be seen enjoying Chinese food on her wedding day. The bride enjoyed desi Chinese snacks just before her wedding. In the video, she is wearing a brown lehenga with heavy jewellery. She looks really amazing in her outfit. This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. You can watch all the videos on a page called the_streetfood_centerandsakshijoshi03.

Sharing the video, the admin of the page wrote in the caption – Sorry, I am a foodie daughter-in-law and my in-laws like it. People are liking this video so much that they are sharing it on other platforms of social media. There are also some users who are able to relate themselves to this video. The comment section is full of heart and love emojis. Talking about people’s reactions, a user wrote, ‘A girl should have all the fun, even if she is a bride on the wedding day!’ Another wrote, ‘When you have your own marriage but the wedding food should be the first priority.