Friday , June 14 2024

The government, devastated by the power crisis in this South American country, took such a decision

Ecuador Power Crisis : Due to extreme heat and change in weather, many countries of the world are facing flood-drought situation.

Due to drought in the South American country Ecuador, the electricity crisis has become serious in the entire country. Ecuador relies heavily on large-scale hydroelectric projects to meet its electricity demand. Since the country is currently facing drought due to the effect of El Nino, the water in the rivers and reservoirs has reduced. Due to which there has been a serious impact on electricity production through hydro power plants.

The supply of electricity in the country has reduced to such an extent that the government has appealed to the people to use less electricity. Due to power crisis, life in the country has also been affected.

International News Agency has said in its report that it is not possible to run a hydro power plant without water. Due to the power crisis in the country, the government has ordered employees of government and private companies to stay at home for two days.

This situation created in Ecuador is attributed to El Nino. Due to this, the sea surface temperature in some parts of the Pacific Ocean has become four to five degrees higher than normal. Due to this heat, the direction and speed of the sea wind is changing. Due to this the seasonal cycle has been disturbed. The strength of the winds blowing from east to west has also reduced. Due to which the rainfall pattern in Ecuador has been affected, less rainfall has created drought conditions in this country.

El Nino affected the world the most in 1982-83 and 1997-98. In 1982–83, El Niño caused sea surface temperatures in the tropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere to rise 9 to 18 degrees above normal and affected weather in many countries. In 1997–98, the effects of El Niño caused drought in Indonesia. Malaysia and Philippines.