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The Earth is in the grip of a spark from the Sun

Sun:The events taking place in the Sun are affecting our Earth. All this is happening because of the solar cycle, which is going to continue till the year 2025. American space agency NASA has already told that due to the solar cycle, unexpected things will keep happening in the Sun. The risk of solar storms will increase on Earth. Something similar happened on Monday night, when a coronal mass ejection (CME) reached the Earth’s magnetic field before the scheduled time. These are large clouds of solar plasma. If their impact is excessive, there may be a short circuit in the satellites and the power grid may be affected.
A report by Spaceweather.com states that the CME that started on Monday night did not create a geomagnetic storm, but a G2 category storm is currently underway.
As we mentioned, coronal mass ejections are large clouds of solar plasma. After a solar explosion, these clouds spread in space in the Sun’s magnetic field. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often reach a distance of several lakhs of miles. Many times they collide with the magnetic fields of the planets. When their direction is towards the Earth, they can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Due to these, short circuit may occur in satellites. The power grid may be affected. If their impact is severe, they can also put astronauts in Earth’s orbit in danger.
The current G2 category storm did not cause any major impact on the Earth. Aurora has been seen in some areas. Aurora phenomena light up the sky. The team of scientists is monitoring this CME emanating from the Sun. At present there is no danger on Earth due to this CME. It is possible that short wave radio blackouts may be seen in some areas.
Just as CMEs affect our Earth, in the same way solar flares emanating from the Sun reach the Earth and show their impact.
solar flare
Solar flares are created by the light and particles emitted when the Sun releases magnetic energy. These flares are the most powerful explosions ever seen in our solar system, releasing energy comparable to billions of hydrogen bombs. The energetic particles present in them travel at the speed of light.

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