Wednesday , July 17 2024

The dream of Vishram Sadan has been fulfilled today: MP

Jhansi, 20 February (HS). Bhoomi pujan and foundation stone laying of 200 bed Vishram Sadan in Medical College with the help of Power Grid. Chief guest MP Anurag Sharma, President Mayor Bihari Lal Arya and special guest BJP Kisan Morcha National Minister Ramnaresh Tiwari, Power Grid ED Narendra Srivastava and Medical College. Principal Dr. NS Sengar performed the havan along with the puja.

On this occasion, chief guest MP Anurag Sharma said that the dream of building a rest house in Jhansi Medical College on the lines of AIIMS was fulfilled today after BJP's Kisan Morcha national minister Ramnaresh Tiwari became the director of Power Grid. So special guest Ramnaresh Tiwari called it an attempt to repay the salt debt of his people.

Chief guest MP Anurag Sharma told that after seeing AIIMS, he had once dreamed of building such a rest house. He said that this dream has been fulfilled today after Ramnaresh Tiwari became the director of Power Grid. He informed that a part of the 500 beds under construction in the Medical College will also be ready by March. He said that many patients come who have to stay in the medical college for a long time for treatment. In such a situation, the attendants accompanying them should also have a place to hide their heads. This rest house will be a better option for them.

He told that today he has also inaugurated Tele ICU. He thanked the entire team of the Medical College for bringing back the smiles of the children. He said that the first Dharamshala of the Medical College was built by his grandmother. Urging the Mayor, he asked to install the statue of Dr. Sushila Nayyar, the founder of the Medical College. He told that new OPD section, emergency etc. will also be built. He expressed happiness over Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving Rs 100 crore to Bundelkhand University.

Special guest Ramnaresh Tiwari, while addressing the people, said that he was wondering why he has been made the director of Power Grid? But later I realized that I had a debt for the food served to people during my social responsibility, so I tried to repay it in this way. He said that since 2021 till now, Rs 84 crore has been spent in Lucknow, Unnao, Siddharth Nagar, Gorakhpur and finally in Mahoba, Jhansi of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. Bundelkhand has always been and will remain prosperous. People had shortened their glasses to see this. He said that the patient would recover but the attendants would fall ill. Thus, seeing this problem, the idea of ​​Vishram Sadan came to mind. Now the people of Jhansi will run it. Elders will celebrate birthdays and donate some portion here.

He said that this rest house will be completed by 2026 at a cost of Rs 16 crore. Apart from this, 46 schools of the district are being made hi-tech by giving Rs 5 crore 46 lakhs. So that smart classes can be run in villages also. The schools in the villages will be hi-tech on the lines of Delhi. People provided food and I tried to pay off the debt. About Rs 84 crore was given to Uttar Pradesh. This much more will be given. The school work will be completed by December. He said that I will be dedicated to the entire Bundelkhand.

Before this, Power Grid ED Narendra Srivastava first welcomed everyone. He told that 14 rest houses have been built in the country including UP. In UP, rest houses are being built in BHU, Jhansi, Siddharthnagar and KGMC. He said that his work comes in excellent rating. Works worth Rs 1500 crore have been done in India in 10 years. For this, he has received the President's award thrice and twice in London. Pediatrics has been made in Kanpur, ICU in Lucknow etc. By March 2026, this rest house will be ready at a cost of Rs 16 crore.

On this occasion, Dr. NS Sengar said that this rest house was to be built on the lines of Bhavrao Deoras. Mayor Bihari Lal Arya said in his presidential speech that the medical college was established by Dr. Sushila Nayyar. Will get his statue installed. I am a soldier of Modi-Yogi. Today the country is changing. PM and CM adopted Bundelkhand. There has been a flood of development. Vishram Sadan is a big work. Will prove to be a milestone.

On this occasion, District Magistrate Avinash Kumar, SSP Rajesh S, Vinod Aggarwal, BHEL Executive Director Vinay Nigam, CMS Dr. Sachin Mahore, Dr. Om Shankar Chaurasia, Poonam Sharma, Amit Sahu, Ankur Dixit, Sitasharan Tiwari, Awadhesh Niranjan etc. were present. . Conducted by Dr. Pallavi. Pankaj Sharma of Power Grid expressed his gratitude to everyone.