Thursday , April 18 2024

The district will be developed with the cooperation of the public – DM

Bhagalpur, 17 February (HS). A press conference was organized on Saturday under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Dr. Naval Kishore Chaudhary at Samiksha Bhawan located in the Collectorate of Bhagalpur. In which introduction and development of Bhagalpur were discussed.

The District Magistrate said that ever since I took charge in Bhagalpur, I have been taking reviews from the officers of all the departments. He said that there is a need to improve the traffic system. Construction of bypass road along the banks of Ganga will provide relief from traffic jam in the city. A meeting has been held regarding this also. He said that the timing of operation from traffic lights will be confirmed soon. Regarding pollution, he also said that sand and soil are transported on the roads in open tractors. It has to be taken covered. Otherwise action will be taken against the driver and vehicle owner. Now house builders will have to pay attention to safety first. After that the house has to be built. Otherwise strict action will be taken.

The District Magistrate talked about repairing the roads leading to Kahalgaon. He also said that NTPC dust should be put into use rapidly. He said that we have special focus on rural areas. Action will be started by holding a meeting soon regarding better work on Nagarvan and Pokhar. Besides, talks will also be held with officials of PHED and Woodco. So that the city residents do not have to face any kind of problems. On the initiative to clean the Ganga river, he said that silt will be removed from the river Ganga soon so that the river Ganga can be cleaned. The District Magistrate said that our special focus is on the villagers. Now the villagers will not need to come to the city. Now the primary health center of the village will soon be repaired and doctors will be able to share their views through telephone in the hospitals of Bhagalpur. Besides, the modern hospital being built in Sadar Hospital will also become operational soon. Which is to be formally inaugurated very soon. The District Magistrate also said that now there is no need for middlemen in any department. Now soon municipal service will start in the city. Due to which the working class people will be able to get benefits. Due to which he will be able to cover more distance in less money. The infrastructure of the city will also be prepared soon. Regarding the ration card, he said that now it will be the responsibility of the dealer. The District Magistrate said that roadside vendors, street vendors and vendors encroach illegally. Action will be taken on that also.

Appealing to the people of Bhagalpur to cooperate in this, he said that only if you cooperate, our Bhagalpur will be able to become a clean, beautiful and developed Bhagalpur. He said that soon the basement parking of all the malls in Bhagalpur will be vacated. Otherwise action will be taken against the mall operator. Besides, now work will also be done on tourism of the city. He said that the city residents must construct a drain in their homes so that they do not have to face water problems. Apart from District Magistrate Dr Naval Kishore Chaudhary, Joint Director Public Relations Bhagalpur was also present during this press conference.