Friday , June 14 2024

The company gave so much bonus that a pile of notes fell on the table

You must have often seen that when a company performs well or there is a special occasion, that company gives bonus to its employees. China's Kuangshan Crane Company has done something similar. The company gave a great offer to its employees and organized a game for them. In which the more notes the employee counts, the more money he will get. This offer is being discussed vigorously on social media.

The company left a pile of 100 yuan notes on a table. Employees were asked to come one by one and take as much cash as they wanted. After this he was asked to count the cash. They were allowed to carry only as much cash as they could count. There was also a time limit for counting the cash. The time limit was like a lottery system.

An employee won Rs 11 lakh

In this game, the company distributed a total bonus of 100 million yuan to the employees. But, one employee also got a jackpot bonus in the game. This employee won 97,800 yuan i.e. Rs 11 lakh. 20 currency counters were set up for the game and around 5000 employees came to play the game.

There was a queue of applicants to get a job in the company

According to Chinese media reports, the company has given a bumper offer to its employees. About 5000 employees of the company participated in this game. Depending on the game, employees can take home as many yuan as they count. The company and its bonus offers are being discussed a lot on social media. Due to which there is a queue of candidates to work in the company and company owners are also receiving biodata of a large number of candidates.