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The clock on the wall of the house can change your luck, know the right rules for placing it

Vastu Shastra talks about the correct placement and direction of any object. An ancient Indian science of architecture and building construction, it provides guidelines on the proper placement of various elements in the house to maintain harmony and prosperity.

One such item is a wall clock. According to Vastu principles, placing a wall clock at home can affect the flow of energy in your home, which can impact health, wealth and overall well-being.

If you want to maintain positive energy easily then you should always place a wall clock at the right place in the house to ensure positive energy and good luck. Let's know from celebrity astrologer and Vastu expert Dr. Jai Madan about the right direction and place to place a wall clock in the house.

Right direction to place wall clock
The direction of placing the wall clock greatly affects the energy of the house, so you are always advised to place the wall clock in the right direction. The north direction of the house is ruled by Kubera, the god of wealth. Therefore, it is believed that placing the clock in this direction brings prosperity and economic growth. It is also considered a symbol of progress and development, making it ideal for business establishments and living rooms. If you place a wall clock in the north direction of the living room of the house, it will transmit full energy.

Can wall clock be placed in east and west direction?
The east direction is ruled by Indra, the king of gods. It is said that placing a clock in the east direction enhances the health and well-being of the residents. This direction is especially beneficial for bedrooms and study rooms as it promotes good health and academic success.

The west direction is associated with Lord Varuna, the god of water, so if you place wall clocks in this direction, it is important to check them regularly to ensure they are working properly as faulty clocks are found in this zone and to maintain stability.

In which direction should you not place the wall clock
According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain directions you should avoid while placing a wall clock. The most prominent of these is the south direction which is considered to be the direction of Yama, the god of death. Placing a clock in this direction is considered inauspicious, it may cause you to face obstacles and challenges. However, if you place a clock on this wall, keep in mind that it should face north or east.
Apart from this, you are also prohibited from placing a wall clock in the south-west direction. This direction obstructs positive energy and brings negativity in the house.

What is the right place to place a wall clock?
If you are placing a wall clock anywhere in the house, it should be placed at a certain height. Make sure that the clock is placed at eye level so that it is easily visible. This shows the importance of time in your life and makes you aware of its value.
Placing a wall clock at the entry point when you enter a room through the main door can remind you of the value of time. However, you have to take care not to place it directly facing the main door as it can have a negative impact.

  • What size should a wall clock be?
  • Vastu experts say that wall clocks with a diameter of six to eighteen inches are considered the best.
  • If we talk about shape then the best watch is considered to be round and it attracts wealth.
  • You can also install pendulum clocks in your home, this helps in developing the habit of staying on time.
  • You can also place an oval and eight-sided clock in your home.
  • You should never place a triangular shaped wall clock, it causes more quarrels in your house.
  • Keep these things in mind while placing a wall clock in the bedroom
  • A stopped clock should never be kept in the bedroom. This accumulates negative energy. If the clock is damaged, get it repaired immediately.
  • The clock should always show the exact time or a few minutes ahead. A clock running in the reverse direction is not considered auspicious.
  • The glass frame of the wall clock should always be clean.
  • The clock face should display a happy expression. Only happy elements should be placed around the wall clock.
  • A clock playing melodious music strengthens the flow of positive energy.