The child died after being hit by the current that was run on the side of the field.

crowd gathered after the incident

Jaisinghpur-Sultanpur. In Marui Krishnadas Pur village of Thana Akhandnagar area of ​​the district, a child died tragically after being hit by current on Saturday. It is being told that the electric wire was run along the side of the fields to guard the fields, and this accident happened due to its grip.

The case is of Marui Krishnadaspur village of Akhand Nagar police station area. Aman, a resident of Lamauli village in the same village, had come to his maternal grandmother’s place a week ago. On Saturday morning the people of Nanihal were sleeping. In the meantime, Aman got up from the house and went towards the fields. Aman had reached near the farm of Chintu Singh of the village. In the meantime, he came in the grip of the wires on the side of the fields, due to which he died due to being struck by the current. It is being told that Chintu Singh had kept the current running in it by installing electric wires all around to guard his fields. Today, Aman died a painful death due to the grip of this. At the same time, as soon as the information about Aman’s death came, there was uproar in the village. His family members were immediately informed. At present, the villagers have informed the police about this. At the same time, the police reached the information and started investigation.