Wednesday , July 24 2024

The car caught fire after hitting the parapet, three people narrowly escaped

Hamirpur, June 17 (HS). A big accident happened near Majhin Chowk on the other side of Naidun Vyas Bridge when a car was coming from Jwalaji at around 1:00 in the night and after hitting a parapet built on the side of the road near Vyas Bridge, the car caught fire. Fortunately, all the three people in the car broke the glass of the car and came out as soon as the fire started and the car was engulfed in flames in no time. The employees of a hotel built near the spot came out after hearing the noise, by then all the three people in the car had come out and the car had caught fire. The hotel employees informed the police and fire brigade on phone. The fire brigade reached the spot and controlled the fire, but by then the car had burnt to ashes, with the help of a crane, the car was pushed to one side of the road so that the road is not blocked. All the three people in the car have suffered minor injuries and are being treated at Naidun Hospital. The police who arrived at the spot also inspected the scene of the incident and recorded the statements of the injured. The police is investigating the matter.