Thursday , April 18 2024

The barber cut the customer's hair with flames and not with scissors, the viral video created a stir on the internet!

A video of a barber adopting strange and dangerous methods to cut hair has created a stir on the internet and is scaring people. A clip that surfaced on social media platform X shows a barber using a strange method to cut his customer's hair. The barber uses fire instead of scissors to cut and style hair.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows the barber using a torch to burn his customer's hair and removing the burnt hair with precision. It may seem worrying to see flames surrounding a customer's head, but the barber is seen skillfully styling the customer's hair through the fire. This unconventional method of hairstyling left online viewers both surprised and curious.

Reactions poured in from all corners of the Internet, with users expressing a mixture of fascination and apprehension. Many praised the barber's expertise and bravery, while others described feeling nervous after seeing the fire so close to the skull.

One social media user commented, “What exactly does it mean to have the ends of your hair burnt?” Another wrote: “There's no way that's good for your hair…or the people who have to smell it.”

Concerns were raised about the potential dangers associated with the use of open flames so close to the skull, emphasizing the importance of proper training and precautions. A fourth user concluded, “What in the name of a haircut is this?” But for now, it has definitely caught the attention of people all over the world.