The atmosphere of happiness among tourists due to snowfall, life is disturbed

Bageshwar, January 13 (H.S.). On the one hand, there is an atmosphere of happiness among the tourists due to the vandalism in Kapkot of the district, while on the other hand, life has become very busy and the severe cold has started wreaking havoc.

Who is not fond of playing in the snow, but sometimes hobbies also become a cause of trouble. We are talking about Kapkot of Bageshwar, where due to the snowfall in the past days at places like Dhur, Uniya, Karmi, Badiyakot etc., nature has covered a white sheet all around, due to which the beauty of this place has also increased. Due to this, an atmosphere of happiness is being seen among the tourists. Tourists from far and wide are enjoying the snowfall by reaching here and are also capturing the pictures in their cameras.

On the contrary, the snowfall has added to the problems of the locals and villagers, and the whole area is getting cold. There is also a constant danger of vehicular accidents on the roads. At times, the situation becomes such that even the passengers sitting in the vehicle are getting out of the car and pushing it and being taken out safely. Working women and villagers are also facing constant problems in commuting due to cold.

In such a situation, you can imagine how people are living their life even in the harsh winter in remote rural areas. Even after facing difficulties in life, they are ready to face any situation of nature.