Sunday , May 19 2024

The actress's powerful reply to the woman who trolled Shamita, 'Marriage is only one thing…'

Shilpa Shetty's younger sister Shamita Shetty is being trolled a lot on social media for some time now. Some trollers are harassing Shamita by making lewd comments on her Instagram profile like 'Buddhi Shetty', '50 year old unmarried old lady'. After being continuously trolled regarding her age and relationship status, Shamita Shetty has now raised her voice against it. He gave a befitting reply to the troll by sharing its screenshot on his Instagram profile.

Know what the troller wrote

The troller wrote, “Old lady, Shetty, its been 50 years but no man found.” From Shamita's reply it seems that this troll is a woman. While sharing the screenshot of the troll, Shamita also wrote a long note in which she slammed the user and said, “I want to take time to reply to this kind of woman who insults and insults another woman for not getting married.” Does.” To show For your information, congratulations, your mission has failed.”

Gave a surprising answer to the troller

Shamita further wrote, “Marriage is not the only goal of my life! I want happiness, satisfaction and freedom in life. I hope you find a lot of positivity in your life and I hope you never try to put another woman down and if you don't have anything nice to say to people then keep quiet for you This is the best.

Breakup with Rakesh Bapat

Let us tell you that Shamita dated Rakesh Bapat for some time after Bigg Boss. Both of them fell in love with each other in the Bigg Boss OTT house. But, only a few months after the end of Bigg Boss, both of them separated from each other. She had shared the information about her breakup with fans through social media posts.