Friday , April 19 2024

Tariff price in gold and silver reduced effective duty: However market prices rose

Mumbai: Gold prices stopped falling and rose again in the Mumbai jewelery market today, while silver declined. World markets rose higher. Meanwhile, the Indian government significantly reduced the tariff value used as the benchmark for calculating import duty on gold and silver imported into the country, resulting in a reduction in effective import duty, market insiders said. .

The tariff value of gold has decreased from $658 to $639 per 10 grams, while the tariff value of silver has decreased from $748 to $716 per kilogram. Meanwhile, today gold prices in the world market stopped falling and rose from 1998 to 1999 to 2007 to 2008 dollars.

Behind gold, global silver prices also rose to $22.69 to $22.70 an ounce from $23.03 to $22.98 to $22.99 an ounce. Trailing the global market, gold prices rose by Rs 200 per 10 gram to Rs 99.50 in the Ahmedabad market. Rs 63,700 to Rs 99.90 was Rs 63,900. Ahmedabad silver price increased by Rs 500 per kg to Rs 72000.

Global platinum prices were at $900 at $895 an ounce while palladium was at $946 at $969 an ounce. Global copper prices rose by 1.06 tonnes today. Crude oil prices fell after rising in the world market. At the highest level of 81, the price of Brent crude was 82.88 to 82.21 dollars per barrel. US crude prices ranged from $78.24 to $77.53, hitting a high of $76.05.

Today gold prices in Mumbai bullion market increased from Rs 61,262 to Rs 99.50 without GST. Whereas the price of 99.90 was Rs 61508 and Rs 61743. Mumbai silver prices rose to Rs 70922 from Rs 70203 without GST.