Tamil Nadu: Madras High Court upholds death sentence for rape accused, saying – justice cannot be done by looking at the person, Hitler was responsible for lakhs of deaths

Madras High Court (Madras High Court) in one of its important decisions has upheld the death sentence awarded to the rape convict. The trial court found a 26-year-old man guilty of raping a seven-year-old girl. Against which the High Court of Madurai (Madure) While hearing the bench, gave this decision. During this, Justices S Vaidyanathan and G Jayachandran made an important remark that initially we were a little hesitant in taking the life of a person through judicial order and Punishment We were thinking of converting him to life imprisonment, but after re-examining the matter carefully we found it to be a serious matter. The court observed that justice cannot be done by looking at the person, Hitler (Hitlar) was also responsible for the death of lakhs of people.

When a man’s attitude becomes like that of an animal, he should be punished

Reading its order, the court said that it is pertinent to mention here that lies, deceit and sin are there in everyone’s mind. It is also true that not every man can be judged by his outward appearance, as Adolf Hitler, who ordered the execution of nearly eight million people and was responsible for their deaths. The court further said in its order that if this rape convict is allowed to survive in this world, he will surely corrupt the minds of other co-prisoners. The court said that when man’s attitude becomes like that of an animal, which has no mercy on other creatures, then he should be punished and sent to the eternal world.

what was the matter

According to the information received by the Tamil Nadu Police, on 30 June 2020, around 3 pm, the accused Sameevel alias Raja took the Scheduled Caste girl to the temple. Where the king raped the girl at a secluded place. After this, when the king realized that the girl would reveal his crime, the king hit her head with a tree and killed her by several blows in her face and neck. After this, the king threw the girl’s body in a dry pond in the village. Where he covered the dead body with leaves and bushes to hide the dead body. According to the police, initially the child’s father had written a missing report to the police.