Friday , June 14 2024

Taliban's new order for government departments bans taking photos or videos of living people

The Taliban ruling Afghanistan are announcing new decrees from time to time. Now, under a new order, it is being said that the two and a half decade old law will be re-implemented.

This law has been implemented in Kandahar city of Afghanistan and according to this, photo or video of any living person cannot be taken. The instructions issued to civil and military department officials said that photographs of living persons should be avoided in official or informal meetings. Because it causes more harm than benefit. However, text as well as audio is allowed in meetings. Kandahar Governor's spokesperson said that this ban is for the government department, hence it will not apply to the public or media.

This law is reminiscent of a time two and a half decades old. Television was banned in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, and even then photography of living persons was prohibited.

Most of the new laws enacted by the Taliban since taking power are women-oriented. For example, in November 2022 Kabul banned women from entering parks and gyms, and in December 2022 the Taliban also banned women from attending university. In January 2023, Balkh province banned male doctors from treating female patients, and in July 2023, the Taliban imposed a one-month ban on all-female beauty parlors.