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Take special care of these things of Vastu in the house, there will never be shortage of money

It is believed that Vastu has a positive impact on our lives. According to Vastu, if many things are kept at the right place in the house, then there will be an effect of positive energy in the house and negative energy will go away. This keeps the atmosphere of the house good and brings happiness and prosperity in the house.

put the right thing in the right place

Everyone likes to decorate the house well, but if the decorations are kept at the right place as per Vastu, then the atmosphere of the house can change. Prosperity comes to the house and love always remains between the family members. Everyone's mind also remains calm.

Learn simple solutions according to Vastu

According to Vastu, maintain cleanliness in and around the main entrance of the house. Garbage should never be left at the main entrance of the house. Do not keep a temple of worship under the stairs or even in the bedroom of the house. To get financial benefits, keep the idol of Lord Ganesha and peacock feathers in the south-east of the main entrance of the house.

Camphor and incense will help

Soothing and calming music is believed to attract happiness and wealth into the home. For this, always place a bell or wind amulet on the main door of the house. To keep the environment of the house pure and sacred, light a lamp and burn camphor in the house. Along with this, if you burn incense then its effect increases and there is an atmosphere of peace in the house.

Use of betel leaf will be beneficial

Cinnamon can also be burnt to purify the environment of the house. Burning betel leaves in the house purifies the environment and removes negative energy. Recite shloka, bhajan, mantra or aarti daily at home. Apart from this, continue the audio of shloka, mantra or bhajan. This provides mental peace. If there are broken utensils in the house, then throw them out of the house.

Remove unnecessary items from home

There are many things in the house which are not used for a long time. Such things pollute the environment and if not used for a long time, throw them out of the house immediately. The main entrance of the house should be in the south direction. Make it in such a way that it opens towards the south.

Do not paint the door black

According to Vastu, never paint the main door of the house black. Dark brown instead of black. According to Vastu, put a picture of flowing water, flowing waterfall, flowing river in the house. This increases happiness and prosperity in the house and also brings wealth.