Friday , April 19 2024

Take care of yourself! You don't gain weight after falling in love, know what this study says?

Weight gain in love: We all want to keep ourselves fit and work hard on our body shape to look smart. For this we also go to the gym and do workouts. But if you are not losing weight despite trying, it is possible that your partner is responsible for it.

It may sound a bit strange to you, but after falling in love, the chances of gaining weight increase manifold. Yes, we are not saying this, but this has come to light in a study conducted by researchers. Love is a very beautiful feeling and when a person is in love, the whole world seems very beautiful to him. Many times their weight increases due to love. Let us find out why this happens.

According to a study conducted by Central Queensland University, couples weigh more than single people despite leading a healthy lifestyle and eating more fruits and vegetables. This study proves that people who are in a relationship and are serious about their relationship often gain weight.

In fact, after falling in love, they pay less attention to themselves. Not only this, the problem of weight gain increases even more after having children, because parents eat their leftover food and snacks. Studies show that a person starts gaining weight after being in a relationship. However, many reasons may be responsible behind this. For example-

• A person's daily routine changes after being in a relationship. People are not serious about their fitness or gym routine. They feel that the more time they spend in the gym, the more time they will be able to give to their partner. Due to which their weight starts increasing gradually.

• People often enjoy comfort food while spending time with their partner. It has been seen that to celebrate small moments in a relationship, couples give each other gifts like chocolates or eat cakes and pastries, which also increases their weight.

• After falling in love, couples often start having minor fights. Due to which they remain under stress. Many researches have revealed that weight increases due to stress.

• When a person is in love, he is very happy, due to which the happy hormones oxytocin and dopamine are released in the body. Because of these happy hormones, you have a desire to eat more sugary and high-calorie foods. When you eat it again and again, your weight also increases.

stay healthy like this

It is true that being overweight brings with it many diseases. But this does not mean that you stop loving. You just need to balance things properly.

• If you want to spend time with your partner, then engage in activities that keep you more fit. For example, instead of sitting together and watching a movie, join a dance class or a gym. If you want, make it a rule to take long walks with your partner.

• Eating carefully is very important. Whenever you eat food with your partner, do not be careless. Instead, watch what you eat. Choose healthy options and pay attention to portion sizes. Instead of going out on a dinner date, try eating healthy home-cooked meals every now and then.

• Talk to your partner not only about love, but also about your health and fitness goals. Encourage each other to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

• While making time for your partner, do not neglect taking care of yourself. Manage stress and make exercise and healthy eating a part of your life.