Tuesday , July 23 2024

Sweeten your loved ones' mouth with Cashew Pista Roll, the recipe is very easy!

Many people like the taste of Cashew Pista Roll but till date you might have bought it from outside and eaten it. You can make it easily at home also. You can also enjoy it and make all the members happy with it. These can also be served to guests.


750 grams cashews

300 grams pistachios

800 grams sugar cubes

5 grams cardamom powder

silver leaf


First of all soak the cashews. – Then remove the peel of the pistachios.

– Now grind both separately and make a paste.

Add 650 grams of sugar to the cashew nuts and 150 grams of sugar to the pistachio mixture.

Cook both the mixtures separately. When sugar dissolves from both the mixtures, add cardamom powder to it.

– Now take it out from the pan and roll the cashew-pistachio into a sheet.

Place both on top of each other and roll them from the middle.

– Now decorate it with silver leaves and serve it to the guests.