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Sweet Corn: Cultivate sweet corn, get good profits; What precautions should be taken while planting

Sweet Corn Cultivation: Farmers are continuously experimenting in their fields. They try to earn good income through this medium. But sometimes farmers are hit by natural disasters. Meanwhile, farmers are selling sweet corn and maize. You can earn good profits by doing farming.No matter what the season, the demand for sweet corn maize remains high. Sweet corn maize is liked by people in the country as well as abroad. Therefore, farmers of the country can get good income from the cultivation of this maize.

Farmers soon get good income from sweet corn

Sweet corn cultivation is similar to maize cultivation. In sweet corn cultivation, the corn is harvested before maturity. Due to which farmers get good income soon. Along with sweet corn, farmers can also earn good profits by cultivating flowers. Farmers can also earn good income by cultivating spices. Harvesting sweet corn is a very simple process. Harvest sweet corn in the morning or evening. Due to this the crop remains fresh for a longer time. Sell ​​in the market after harvesting. Don’t store sweet corn for too long; Due to which its sweetness will reduce.

Take special care of these things while sowing sweet corn maize

When planting sweet corn, select only improved varieties. Pest resistant varieties are ready in less time. Plow the soil thoroughly before sowing. Choose a soil that has good drainage so that the crop does not get waterlogged. Although sweet corn is produced all over India, the maximum production is in Uttar Pradesh. Sweet corn maize can be produced in both Rabi and Kharif seasons.

Sweet corn is very important for health

Sweet Corn Maize is as tasty as it is healthy. Sweet corn contains nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-E, minerals and antioxidants. Sweet corn helps in eliminating many health problems. Sweet corn helps in digestion. It also helps in controlling blood sugar. Eating corn bran lowers cholesterol and reduces cardiovascular risk. Corn flour contains a substance called beta-carotene. This principle helps in the formation of red blood cells. Therefore eating it does not cause anemia.

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