Thursday , April 18 2024

Supreme Court's decision on electoral bonds is historic and welcome: JMM

Ranchi, 15 February (Hindu). Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) general secretary and spokesperson Supriyo Bhattacharya said that the Supreme Court has given a big decision on electoral bonds on Thursday. All political parties are coming under the ambit of this decision. The Supreme Court has banned donations to political parties through electoral bonds.

He said that SBI will have to give the names of those who donated through electoral bonds to the Election Commission and the Election Commission will share the list of those names on its website. The decision of the Supreme Court is welcome. The black-to-white exploits that started through electoral bonds have been put to an end. Bhattacharya was speaking at a press conference at the party office in Har Bhumi on Thursday.

He said that electoral bonds were started by BJP in order to protect the capitalists after 2014. Bhattacharya said that before 2014, Narendra Modi was touring the entire country in a special plane. That plane was given by a special group. The name of that group was Adani. The former Finance Minister made a law in 2017. Electoral bonds were introduced as if they were a revolutionary step.

SBI was given the task of issuing this electoral bond. Bonds can be bought by any person and given to any party. Everyone had objected to this bond. Despite this, it was released in 2018. It was also kept separate from RTI. He said that now the Supreme Court has directed SBI to release the names of those who purchased electoral bonds within three weeks. March 13 will be a historic day. When the names of those who sold and bought the country will be revealed.