Child Adoption: The process of child adoption in the country is so difficult that even after trying for many years, the parents of the orphan child and the parents are not able to get the child. Therefore, now the Supreme Court has sent a notice to the Central Government in this matter.

Arvind Singh, New Delhi: Many people have a desire to raise a child who does not have parents of his own. At the same time, many times people try to adopt a child even if they do not have children of their own. But in our country this work is as easy to say and think, in reality it is many times more difficult than that. Because the process of child adoption in India is quite complicated. Now the Supreme Court has agreed to consider the demand to simplify the process of child adoption. The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Central Government and sought its response.

so few children are adopted

The petition in the court was filed by Secretary Piyush Saxena on behalf of the NGO Temple of Healing. It was said in the petition that about three crore people across the country are childless. Most of these people want to adopt a child. About 30 million children are orphans in the country, equal to the number of these people. But despite this, only 4,000 children are adopted every year. The petitioner has cited media reports and CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) in support of his arguments.

the statistics are astonishing

According to CARA data, 3142 children were adopted in India between the year 2020-21. While 417 children were adopted by the foreign couple. In the last five years between 2016 and 2021, a total of 16353 children were adopted in the country while 2693 children were adopted outside the country.

Petitioner’s plea during hearing

During the hearing of the petition on Monday, it was argued on behalf of the petitioner that a large number of people in the country want to adopt children, but they lack the correct information. I have suggested to the government, but no action has been taken from their side. They always have this apprehension that due to simplifying the rules, children should not go into the wrong hands. But it has to be understood that all the people of the country are not thieves, high people. I asked for the figures of orphan children from both the Center and the government, but both of them do not have any data of such children.

Justice Chandrachud said – I could not forget one incident

Justice Chandrachud said that I remember an incident, when I was a judge in the Bombay High Court. A child was adopted by a couple living abroad. Then the couple adopted the child to another couple there. The parents of the child kept changing but no one tried to get him citizenship. He could not be nurtured properly. After that he was caught in the drugs case and sent back to India. Due to his upbringing abroad, he did not even know any Indian language. After that he got help from some missionaries. So there have been cases where the child adoption process has been misused. But it cannot be ignored that a large number of children are orphans.

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Such are the circumstances

Piyush Saxena said that these are some selected cases of abuse, media shows more of these cases, so this approach has been made. I know of the case of Mumbai where a woman got pregnant for the fourth time. The elder brother of the child’s father adopted the child. He himself paid the bill of about thirty thousand of the hospital. But when the Child Welfare Committee came to know about this, they registered a case against both the people. What crime did he commit in this? Just understand the pain of a mother who is childless. The child wants to be adopted, but due to the complexity of the rules, she cannot get the child for adoption. The petitioner said that he has also given some suggestions, through which the process of adoption can be simplified.

However, Justice Chandrachud said that we understand that your concern is justified. We are issuing notice to the Central Government on your petition.

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