Friday , June 14 2024

Superhit scheme of post office, you will get more interest than bank FD, check details

Post Office National Savings Certificate: The post office offers a variety of savings schemes for the general public. This scheme is operated by the Post Office Government. The government decides the interest received on these schemes. Among all the savings schemes of the Government of India, National Savings Certificate is one scheme on which people have had trust for a long time. It is a safe investment option with assured returns as it is guaranteed by the government.

Post Office National Savings Certificate

In Post Office National Savings Certificate, the Finance Ministry decides the interest for every quarter. At present the government is giving 7.7 percent interest annually on National Savings Certificate.

What is the interest rate available on NSC?

The central government gives 7.70 percent interest on the National Savings Certificate (NSC) of the post office. If we talk about the interest being given on tax saving FD, then many banks are offering interest rate around 7.50 percent on tax saving FD. That is, if seen from this perspective, this post office scheme is giving more interest than bank FD.

How much amount can you start investing with?

You can start investing in Post Office's National Savings Certificate Scheme (NSC) with Rs 1,000. The lock-in period in NSC has been kept for five years. Any Indian person can deposit his money in this post office scheme.

How to invest in NSC?

Joining NSC Investing is an easy process. You can invest in it offline. People who are not able to access the internet for their investments can buy NSC offline. Visit Nearest Post Office: NSC can be purchased from any post office branch across India. Fill NSC Application Form. The form will be available at the post office or online. Fill in your details and enter Nominee. Provide your ID proof like Aadhar PAN card and address proof. Deposit the amount of money you want to invest. After completion of all the formalities you will be issued NSC certificate.