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Ghaziabad, June 17 (HS). Mayor Sunita Dayal on Monday held Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam responsible for the water supply problem in the city. She said that Jal Nigam takes big projects for water supply from the Municipal Corporation, but is unable to complete them on time. The general public has to bear the brunt of this and the Municipal Corporation administration has to face the public's anger.

The mayor has said that the scorching heat is going on, in which water supply to the city residents by the Municipal Corporation is one of the basic facilities. Water supply is also being arranged in every area by the tireless efforts of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. Similarly, our Municipal Commissioner and other officers are working on the roads even in this heat, so that there is no water crisis in the city.

Jal Nigam, the entire responsibility of water supply in the city is given to Jal Nigam by the government, but Jal Nigam is not living up to such a big responsibility. In various areas of the city (like Ward 7 Biharipura, Ward 35 Akbarpur Behrampur, Ward 27 San Vihar, Ward 2 Rahul Vihar, K Block Vijay Nagar etc.) even today the work of water supply is being looked after by Jal Nigam and neither the Municipal Corporation is handing over the scheme nor is it supplying water to the public by starting those schemes. There is a lot of negligence in the schemes that have been handed over. Which the Municipal Corporation is facing (like starting the supply of tank in Sihani village now) and there are many such works in which the Jal Nigam has been negligent and the Municipal Corporation will have to bear the brunt.

He told that there are many flaws in the work done by Jal Nigam, like pumps are not working at some places, bushes are stuck in them. Tanks have been built at some places. Water lines have been laid, but supply is not being done. There is a lot of leakage where there is water line and this scheme is not even being handed over to the Municipal Corporation after completion. Due to which the city residents are facing water crisis by Jal Nigam.

The mayor had inspected all these schemes along with the officials, in which the gross negligence of the Jal Nigam was revealed. A meeting was also held with the Jal Nigam officials regarding this, which did not yield any results. He said that now correspondence will be made with the government against the incomplete and closed schemes of the Jal Nigam.