Such an allergy to condoms, the model was unable to walk after sex

Brianna Alexis, a resident of Texas, USA, was then 18 years old. When she had a physical relationship with a condom for the first time, there was so much trouble that she could not even walk properly. There was swelling and rash in his body. He also had to go to the hospital for treatment. He had to be in pain for three days. Brianna Alexis also realized the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and got tested for STD.

Even later, when he used a condom, he had to face pain. Eventually, when Briana Alexis turned 21, she learned that she was allergic to latex. Latex is used in many types of condoms.

Bryanna Alexis, now 26, says that her life was affected a lot due to discomfort after sex every time, but now she has regained sexual confidence after learning about her allergy to latex.

Now Bryanna Alexis uses condoms that are made of non-latex rubber. Bryanna Alexis is now famous as a model and also identifies herself as a sex coach.

Bryanna Alexis now also advises other people that if they have any kind of problem in their sexual life, then try to understand the reasons instead of ignoring them. He says that physical relations should not be painful for anyone.

Why does latex allergy happen?

When a person’s body perceives latex as a harmful substance, the body triggers antibodies to fight it. The next time the person comes into contact with latex again, antibodies inform the immune system and the body starts sending histamine and many other chemicals into the blood. For this reason, many types of allergy signs start appearing. This problem can be avoided only by avoiding things that are allergic.