Wednesday , July 24 2024

Strategic achievement of Russia: Russian army captures Avdivka, Ukraine

The Russian army has achieved another major success in the war against Ukraine. Actually, Russia has captured the city of Avdivka in Ukraine. Avdiivka is an important eastern city of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his forces for achieving this feat and described the victory as extremely important. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu informed Putin about this achievement. The Russian Defense Ministry said that Avdiivka was a strong defense center for Ukrainian forces and that Russian capture of the city would adversely affect Ukraine's ability to attack Russia. The Army Chief of Ukraine also issued a statement on Saturday confirming the news of the Russian army's capture of Avdivka. Ukrainian Army Chief Alexander Sirsky said that I decided to withdraw my troops so that as many lives as possible could be saved.

attributed to lack of weapons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also said the decision to withdraw was made to save the lives of soldiers. Zelensky blamed the lack of weapons for this defeat. “Unfortunately, Ukraine is facing a shortage of weapons,” he said. Long-range weapons and missiles are particularly lacking. After this Russia intensified its attacks.