Thursday , April 18 2024

Strange thing about Bollywood's King Khan, you will also be left wondering after reading the article – News India Live

Shahrukh Khan is a superstar who is liked not only in the country but also abroad. Last year, his 3 films 'Jawaan', 'Pathan' and 'Danki' were released and all three got a lot of love from the audience. 'Jawaan' and 'Pathan' made many records and earned huge sums. Now Shahrukh Khan has reached the World Governments Summit. There he revealed that whenever any of his films is released. A day before that, he takes bath for two and a half hours, which gives him relief.

Speaking at the Dubai World Summit

Shahrukh Khan answered many questions at the World Governments Summit. Along with this, he also told many things related to his life. During this he said that most of the films in India are released on Friday. That's why he takes bath for two and a half hours on Thursday and bathes the character of the film before the release of the film. He also said that he has been following this rule for many years.

What is the reason behind doing this?

Shahrukh Khan's thinking behind this is to keep himself away from the film. He said, “You make films by working hard. Tell a great story and hope it gets love from all over the world. But you wake up and find that the film has flopped. When you make a film which you did not like but it becomes a hit film of your career.