Thursday , April 18 2024

Strange behavior of two girls at 2:30 in the night, suddenly the bell of the other's house started ringing, CCTV went viral – News India Live

New Delhi: Often children while playing run away by ringing the bell of other people's houses. This is a mischief which is always done by small children out of ignorance. But what would you say if an adult ran away from your house after ringing the bell at 2.30 in the night. A person from Mumbai has released CCTV footage and mentioned such an incident.

Shrestha Poddar, a resident of Mumbai, said on social media platform Shrestha Poddar that most of the senior citizens live in the building and are scared of such incidents.

rings the doorbell
In the video shared on X, you can see two girls climbing the stairs. Both are seen in a mood of fun. A girl is seen recording a video. Both of them go upstairs after seeing the CCTV camera and then the nameplate. A girl tries to lock the door from outside and keeps ringing the bell. Looking at him it seems that both of them are drunk.

Crime incidents are common
While sharing the video, Shrestha Poddar also wrote that there have been many theft attempts, fire due to lightning as well as murder attempts in this building and surrounding areas. The residents of the building have become upset due to these problems. Most of the residents living in the building are over 55 years of age. Let us tell you that millions of people have watched this video on the internet till now.

according to people
People are giving different types of reactions on this video. One person wrote – In such a situation one should be given a warning and left. Another person wrote – People often make mistakes, but they should be treated with understanding and goodness, not with punishment. Anyway, what do you think about this video? Please Comment.