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Strange: Another story of Mowgli and Tarzan, spent their childhood like dogs; Even at the age of 40, he behaved like an animal

New Delhi: We all have heard that small children do and learn what they see or what is happening around them. Whatever environment the child is kept in, he adapts to it. Something similar happened with three-year-old Oksana Malaya, who started behaving like an animal while living with them.

Another example is Oksana Malaya, a Ukrainian woman who says she grew up with dogs. The New York Post claims that when she was three years old, her alcoholic parents left her out in the cold, dramatically changing the direction of her life. He followed his pet dog to the kennel, where he remained for more than five years, seeking warmth and security.

Malaya has three Started living with dogs at the age of one

According to the New York Post, Malaya, now 40, adopted animal characteristics during this time in her life, including growling, barking and walking on all fours. Discussing her unique upbringing, Malaya said that our mother had too many children and we didn't have enough beds to sleep on. So I went to the dog and started living with it.

Malaya had lost the ability to speak

According to the post, to survive, she built a home for herself inside her dog's house and spent the next five years of her life (from ages three to nine) living with the dog. Malaya claims that her dogs and other people treat her like a neighborhood stray. She was running around and by the time she was rescued, she had lost the ability to speak. “I would talk to him, he would bark and I would repeat it,” she said. It was our way of communicating.”

Malaya was saved by the police at the age of 9