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Jaipur, June 18 (HS). The three-day national executive meeting focused on the expansion and strengthening of Akhil Bhartiya Rashtriya Shikshak Mahasangh (ABRSM) at the cluster level held at Acharya Narendra Dev Agriculture and Technology University, Ayodhya concluded. Mahendra Kumar, National Vice President presided over the closing ceremony. Teachers from school and higher education sectors participated in the closing ceremony and discussed various problems and issues related to teachers.

Sunil Bhai Mehta, Akhil Bharatiya Baudhik Shikshan Pramukh of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and keynote speaker, said teachers play a vital role in society and can make a positive impact. Mehta also stressed on expanding and strengthening ABRSM at the cluster level. He said, “Through the work at the cluster level, we will be able to reach the unit level work, i.e. schools. To achieve this goal, we need comprehensive planning which we have to do wholeheartedly.”

Rajasthan Teachers' Union (National) State General Secretary Mahendra Kumar Lakhara informed that in the meeting, on behalf of the state, Rajasthan Teachers' Union National State President Ramesh Chandra Pushkarna raised the issue of teacher welfare and gave several suggestions, which mainly included formation of Teacher Welfare Board in all states including the Centre, providing toll tax free facility to teachers for the honor of teachers, seat reservation for teachers in all parts of transport, giving suggestions for teacher interest in the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission, merging DA in the basic salary if it is 50 percent in the Seventh Pay Commission, making a uniform and clear transfer policy, increasing the income tax limit to 10 lakhs income tax free and increasing the limit of 150000 available in section 80C, implementing OPS in the entire country, giving reservation to children of teachers in Kendriya Vidyalayas, freeing teachers from BLO work in all states, providing budget for resources in primary and upper primary schools from the Government of India, demanding NCERT to be made mandatory for uniform curriculum in all states, requested the Central Executive to raise these demands and suggestions at the level of the Central Government.

The meeting particularly discussed the “Mera Vidyalaya Mera Teerth” initiative, which aims to transform schools into a source of energy for students, teachers and society. The initiative aims to improve the educational environment, making it a focal point for community development and student empowerment.

From Rajasthan, Ghanshyam, Regional Organization Minister ABRSM and State Organization Minister, Rajasthan Teachers Association National, Mohan Purohit, National Vice President, ABRSM, Mahendra Kumar Lakhara, State General Secretary, Rajasthan Teachers Association National, Ravi Acharya, Additional General Secretary, Dr. Aruna Sharma, State Vice President, Basant Jindal, State Vice President, Co-Organization Minister Jairam Jat and Purna Mal Nagar participated in the meeting.