Wednesday , July 24 2024

Start your day with this 'detox water' and stay away from many health problems

Starting the day with detox water has many health benefits. Due to which the dirt accumulated inside the body comes out easily. Detox water increases immunity, which prevents many types of diseases. Apart from this, it also works as an energy booster. Drinking detox water in summer keeps the body hydrated.

Detox drink full of benefits


Start your day with ginger, lemon and turmeric water. It boosts immunity and is beneficial for digestion and weight loss.


Drinking water containing fenugreek seeds in the morning keeps the blood sugar level under control and is also very effective in increasing metabolism.


Drink cumin water with milk tea in the morning which not only helps in reducing your weight but a small quantity of it is enough to relieve digestive problems.


Drink Ajma water on this day. It is an effective remedy for most gas, bloating, indigestion or stomach related problems.


You can start your morning by drinking lemon, cucumber or cucumber water. This will keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day and drinking it will also detox the body.


Consuming mint and basil seeds provides relief from flatulence. Apart from this, it will help in keeping you healthy by removing toxins from the body.


You can start your day with fennel water. It keeps digestion healthy. It helps in weight loss and also provides relief from flatulence.