Wednesday , July 17 2024

Sonia Gandhi became Rajya Sabha MP after being elected unopposed from Rajasthan

Sonia Gandhi, who was a 6-time Lok Sabha MP, has now become a Rajya Sabha MP. Today Sonia Gandhi was elected unopposed from Rajasthan, this is Sonia Gandhi's first term as a Rajya Sabha MP, before this she had also been an MP 6 times. Assembly Chief Secretary and Rajya Sabha Returning Officer Mahavir Prasad Sharma said that all the three candidates on three seats for the biennial elections of Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan – 2024 have been declared unopposed. Elections were to be held on three seats in Rajasthan for Rajya Sabha elections 2024 and only three candidates filed nomination papers. Tuesday was the last date for withdrawal of nomination papers for the elections. As none of the candidates withdrew their names, all three candidates were declared elected.

Lok Sabha seat vacant for daughter

Sonia Gandhi was till now contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli seat, she is going to Rajya Sabha but the Rae Bareli seat has become vacant, on the other hand, Congress plans to make Priyanka Gandhi also contest from Rae Bareli seat. Therefore Sonia Gandhi vacated the seat. Chunnilal Garasia and Madan Rathod also won from BJP.

MP from Amethi for the first time

Sonia Gandhi became Lok Sabha MP from Amethi for the first time in 1999. Sonia Gandhi became Lok Sabha MP from Amethi for the first time in 1999. Earlier, Rajiv Gandhi had won elections from this seat. However, in 2004, Rahul Gandhi contested from this seat and Sonia Gandhi decided to contest from Rae Bareli. Sonia Gandhi has earlier contested Lok Sabha elections from South India. Before Rahul and Sonia from the Gandhi family, Indira had contested elections in South India. However, no member of the Gandhi family has gone to the Rajya Sabha from any state in South India.