Wednesday , July 24 2024

Sonam, the heroine famous for Tridev in the 90s, will be seen in Bigg Boss

Mumbai: It is being said that Sonam, the heroine of 'Tridev', one of the biggest box office hits of the 90s, is going to be seen in OTT Bigg Boss after 30 years.

Sonam became very famous with the song 'Tirchi Topi Wale' from 'Tridev'. Sonam also appeared in many films including 'Vishwatma'. Later in 1991, she married 'Tridev' producer Rajiv Rai and settled abroad. However, Sonam got divorced in 2016. After this she returned to Mumbai and currently lives in Mumbai. Some time ago, she said in an interview that she finds the world of OTT attractive. Now after 30 years, he will be seen on screen for the first time. Anil Kapoor is going to host the Bigg Boss OTT show this time. The special thing is that Anil Kapoor was Sonam's co-star in her first film of Bollywood career 'Vijay'. Anil Kapoor will also share the screen with Sonam in her comeback project after her first Bollywood project.