Friday , April 19 2024

Situation in poor Pakistan worsens, billionaires forced to flee the country

The economic condition of Pakistan (Pakistan Economic Crisis) is getting worse. Unemployment is continuously increasing in Pakistan. Many companies have closed down. The problems of the people of the country are increasing. Roti and rice have disappeared from people's plates in the country. Now big industrialists of Pakistan are fleeing the country. Due to this, there is going to be more crisis on jobs in Pakistan in future.

The deteriorating condition of Pakistan's economy has forced the big industrialists there to think. Now Pakistani billionaires are leaving the country and going to other countries. According to the report, Pakistani businessmen and billionaires have been investing heavily in Dubai real estate for the last 20 months. After India and Britain, Pakistan has the highest number of foreign businessmen in the real estate sector of Dubai.

Pakistani billionaires are now making Dubai their new destination. Pakistani businessmen have invested 10.6 billion dollars i.e. about Rs 88 thousand crore in the real estate sector of Dubai.

Many big business tycoons of Pakistan have shifted their business to Dubai. Due to which jobs are ending in Pakistan. Lack of food among the people is the main reason due to which billionaires leave Pakistan due to the poor economic condition there. Political and economic uncertainties as well as deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan have forced traders to leave the country.

According to statistics, in the year 2022, more than 8 lakh Pakistanis left the country to work abroad. Whereas 2.8 lakh people went abroad in 2020 and 2.25 lakh people went abroad in 2021. The economic condition of Pakistan is continuously worsening. Inflation has increased so much that it has become difficult for people in the country to even afford two meals a day. The prices of items of daily needs are skyrocketing. People there have no work. Job opportunities are disappearing.