Shocking video surfaced, filled in chullu and fed water to the snake, more than 2 lakh people liked the video

Shocking Video: Today we have got to see such a video on social media, seeing which your hair will stand. Surely you have not seen such a scary video before. In this video, a man is seen giving water to a giant python with his chullu. Whoever saw this video could not believe his eyes.

hand fed water to giant python

The viral video has been shared on Instagram. A giant python is visible in the video. In the video, a man is seen giving water to a python with his hands. The man is seen giving water to the snake by filling it in his chullu. The video is very shocking. It can be seen in the video that a person is holding a kataut on top of the plate. This pot is filled with water.

At the same time, a big python is visible nearby. In the video you can see that the man is giving water to the python with his chullu. The dragon in the video looks awful. He is also seen comfortably drinking water from the person’s hand. After watching the video, some people have called the person insane. People are saying that the python will drink the person like water. watch video-

person doing bravery

However, it can be seen in the video that the python does not even try to attack the person while drinking water from the chullu. It is known to all that the snake is small or big, it is very dangerous. Seeing the snake, the air of the good becomes tight. In such a situation, giving water to the python with your hands is nothing less than bravery.

The video has been shared on Instagram with an account named snakes.empire. More than 2 lakh people have liked the video so far. The video has been viewed millions of times. People’s heartbeat is increasing after watching the video. One user wrote, ‘The poisonous snake also looks very beautiful while drinking water.’