Wednesday , July 17 2024

Shanidev blesses these three zodiac signs, the inauspicious effect of Sadesati also reduces

Shani Dev's favorite zodiac sign: According to astrology, Shani, the giver of karma and judge, gives people the fruits of their deeds. Not only this, Shani is the only planet over which Shani's Sadesati and Dhaiyya have authority. And everyone has to face the wrath of Shani at some point in their life. It is said that Shanidev gets angry as quickly as he calms down. People who have Shani's Sadesati, Dhaiyya and Mahadasha in their horoscope have to face many problems in life like financial, mental, physical, family etc. However, there are some zodiac signs on which Shanidev has special blessings. In some situations, Shanidev stops punishing them. Let us know about those zodiac signs which are considered to be the favorite of Shanidev.

In this way, Saturn affects all the zodiac signs through its dasha, sadhesati, dhaiya and mahadasha. But these are the 3 zodiac signs on which the effect of Saturn is reduced.


The lord of this zodiac is Saturn himself. Therefore, Shanidev always keeps his blessings on the people of this zodiac. Currently, Saturn is located in its original triangle sign i.e. this sign. In such a situation, people of this zodiac get full help in facing challenges. This increases self-confidence and courage to face every crisis. They never have to face financial crisis. The inauspicious effect of Saturn is greatly reduced by them. Also, people of this zodiac never face shortage of money.


Libra is considered to be the exalted sign of Saturn. Saturn is always kind to the people of this sign. Saturn does not trouble the people of this sign much. Venus is the lord of Libra. People of this sign are considered to be the factors of wealth, prosperity and attraction. Many opportunities come in life. Which you can accelerate according to your decision making power. Luck keeps supporting you fully. Those who move ahead in life with hard work and dedication without cheating, Lord Shani stands with them in every struggle.


In this zodiac sign, Saturn is the lord of karma and luck. So, there is only happiness in the life of people of this zodiac sign. The lord of Taurus is Venus and it is friendly with Saturn. Therefore, Lord Shani gives the people of this zodiac sign the power to overcome the problems coming in their life. Also, the inauspicious effects of Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Mahadasha also reduce significantly. You will get opportunities to move forward in life. Happiness and wealth come in life from position and prestige. The financial condition should also be good. Happiness, prosperity and wealth are always attained.